Maura Dudley has over a decade of experience in education, working as a teacher and teacher-leader, and consulting with states, large school districts, charter management organizations, and schools to support teachers and leaders on the implementation of Common Core State Standards and teacher effectiveness initiatives. Maura is a math content specialist and leverages her wealth of math teaching knowledge to help schools and districts increase math achievement.

In her consulting work, Maura served as a math instructional coach, professional development designer and facilitator, and math curriculum advisor for schools across the country.

Maura began her teaching career in her home state of Massachusetts. Seeing the relevance and accessibility of Advanced Placement (AP) Statistics, she led the growth of the program to encourage and include students outside the typical AP track. Then came six years at Summit Public Schools, where she developed standards-aligned curriculum and instruction to teach rigorous heterogeneous math courses as well as behaviors to increase students' confidence in math. 

Maura believes that all students should be supported while held to high expectations at school. She is passionate about social justice through quality education. She believes unequivocally that all students can learn, all students should have the opportunity and be encouraged to take rigorous classes, all students should be taught character, all students have the right to a safe and supportive learning environment, and all students should have an adult role model in their lives. She strives to support fellow teachers to maintain resilience in the profession.

Maura graduated with honors from The Johns Hopkins University with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Math and Statistics. She earned her Master's degree from Stanford University in secondary math education. She holds teaching credentials in Massachusetts, California, and Colorado. She became a National Board Certified Teacher in Adolescent/Young Adult Mathematics in 2012.

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